8-i 2013

March 22nd in 20 cities all over the world more than 400 people where working 8 hours for charity in the project 8 hours overtime in a good cause.

Relevant other sites/streams

The participating cities:
Amersfoort: Leergeld, Kunst in Amersfoort, Gay Pride, Upside down Umbrella en Present
Amsterdam: FairWork
Arnhem: De Blauwe Kikker, Human Lightcircles, de Kansfabriek, We Can Young, Soepenstein.
Berlin: Frieda.
Den Haag: Dopper, VSO Nederland, UFBR, WorldGranny, DeZoep.
Groningen: 34 piepjes 300 tellen, GSV Leonardo, Kalinga, Ontwikkelingpotentieel, Ohana home.
Leiden: Mama’s Kitchen, Stichting MOL, Energiek Leiden, LCKV Jeugdvakanties, iDoe.
Pietermaritzburg: PMES.
Portalegre: Ajudada, CerciPortalegre.
Rio de Janeiro,
Rotterdam: Femmes 4 Freedom
Tilburg: Kittenmand, Books4Life, Thomas bouwprojecten, SNF.
Utrecht: ISKB, Mezzo & NOV, Miess, Present Utrecht, Achter de Regenboog, Teddybears for help.

Postponed to a later date:
Münster, Berlin.


8i 2014

The 2014 edition of 8 hours overtime for a good cause will take place on Friday 28 March 2014.

Would you like to organize the event in your city? Do you want to donate your overtime? Or do you represent a charity that could use some help? Participate!


Do you have feedback, suggestions, reactions or tips? Send an e-mail to Erwin Elling.